Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cleaning up the floorpan

After work on the rear axle and transmission, I turned my attention to the floor pan. It took a while to clean out the years of dirt and muck but I managed to get it done. I was suprised that the pan was basically in good shape. In order to get to the metal, I had to chisel out the old tar board.

Floor Before

Fifty years had pretty much cemented the tarboard to the steel. It helped protect most of it, but the "valleys" had surface rust on them. I actually used a wood chisel to scrape it out with. Hard going, but it's done.

Floor After

It's time to get some rust preventor from Eastwood before the new tar board goes down.

Of course I didn't completely luck out. There is the typical hole in the floor back by the battery that needs to be replaced. Luckily floor pans can be purchased in quarters so I don't have to get the whole thing.

Floor hole

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