Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Start on the body

Moving to the exterior I pulled out the windows. Since the rubber was probably original, I just cut it away. Low and behold that I found some rust under the drivers side window.

under rear window

As I stripped off the paint, I found that poor Ruby had sustained some damage somewhere along the way and they had to pull out some dents. This could be why there was rust under the glass as it wasn't sealed properly.

under window 2

The farther down I went - the more body putty I ran across. I guess it's to be expected in a 50 year old car. The bad part is that someone had put the putty on WAY too thick.

body putty

Considering that you shouldn't be any more than about a 1/4 inch, you can see it was a lot more than that. I cleaned everything up and pouned out the dents closer to where they should be.

Left rear

Luckily the left side was a lot better and just needed to have the 3 layers of paint removed.

right side

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