Sunday, June 5, 2011

Removing the door glass - part 2

After removing the side glass, next is to remove door rubber and the wing.

The inner door rubber is clipped in and can be removed by un-clipping the retainers.

Next - pull the large window channel out. In this case, there were a couple of small screws that were hidden in the upper piece. These need to be removed. Part of the chrome also stuck to the channel as I pulled it out.

The outer seal is held in place by clips as well. Just pop these out - and the chrome piece will come out along with the seal.

The wing and inner door glass channel is held in place by screws on the top of the door frame. Remove these and you can remove the inner window channel.

In order to remove the wing, you need to remove the rivet that holds the top of the wing in place. I used my Dremel to just grind down the bottom of the rivet.

Before you can disconnect the rivet, you also need to remove the bottom clamp that holds the wing in place. This is held in place by two bolts.

Make sure to notice that one side of the clamp has more than one washer. This is to adjust the amount of tension on the wing so it can be opened and stay in position.

Once the clamp has been loosened, you can push up the rivet with a punch.

And separate the the wing from the mount.

The clamp will probably fall out. It is in two pieces, and I thought I would take a picture of it to show you how it goes together.

Once the wing is removed, you can remove the rubber around the wing. In this case, it looks like the rubber is truly 50 years old.

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